Move Forward With Your Custom Home Construction

Move Forward With Your Custom Home Construction

Submit all the paperwork to get a building permit in Bend, OR

Once the plans have been drawn up and all the engineering is complete, Ken Baune Homes and Remodel can obtain a building permit from your local building department. With their approval, we can get started on your custom home.

Getting a permit is necessary when breaking new ground for any project. We need to confirm that everything we do follows:

  • State guidelines
  • Federal guidelines
  • Homeowners’ association codes
  • Regional building standards
Contact us now to learn more about getting a building permit in Bend, OR.

Once we have the go-ahead, we can start in on your custom home

As soon as all the paperwork is in order, we can begin construction. When we’re building your custom home, it’s important that we develop a long-term relationship with you so you can count on us throughout construction and beyond. We’ll be just as reachable now as we are near the end of your one-year warranty.

We make sure the process is fun and not stressful when you’re designing your custom home. Call 541-699-8973 today to discuss what you want out of your custom home in Bend, OR.