Make an Informed Decision About Your Build

Make an Informed Decision About Your Build

Determine the expected cost and time of your custom home build

When it comes to your custom home build, Ken Baune Homes and Remodel won’t keep you waiting. You’ll receive a detailed plan of every part of our construction process and when we plan to accomplish each step. We use a scheduling program to lay out how your project will be handled.

We’ll also construct a budget based on competitive bids. These bids come from previous projects and the costs associated with those builds. After over 40 years of constructing custom homes, we know how to craft a valuable house that is both beautiful and economical.

Contact us today to go over the schedule and budget of your custom home build in Bend, OR.

Complete custom home budgeting through our skilled builders

We are committed to 100% transparency with you when it comes to the cost of construction. That’s why we help you with custom home budgeting. We’ll determine how much everything costs and which ways you can save money and still get the house of your dreams.

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